As a conscientious member of our global community, Impact Photographics understands that the preservation and conservation of our environment is a priority. We consider this not only a responsibility, but we are continually making an effort to keep our environmental impact at the lowest level reasonable.

Energy Management
Our main office and central distribution facility is located in beautiful Northern California. Due to the relatively mild climate, our offices require minimal heating and cooling and our warehouse is neither mechanically heated nor cooled.
In 2005 Impact invested in a solar power system which features 788 panels, totaling 11,000 square feet. This 130kW system produces enough power to meet our electrical needs and is the equivalent to the power needed to supply 25-30 homes annually.

Recycling and Waste Management
Impact Photographics employs a three-point recycling program with the objective of minimizing and if possible eliminating anything going into a land-fill.

  1. Make sure our shipping, office, and other supplies are made as much as possible from recycled materials.
  2. Do everything we can to re-use materials: such as boxes, packaging materials, copy paper and pallets.
  3. If we cannot re-use it, we recycle it. For example, we recycle all plastic, cans and glass. All paper and cardboard are recycled. Once pallets can no longer be reused, we donate them to the community to be used for a variety of purposes.

Work Methods

  • Unless otherwise requested by customers, Impact uses a paperless invoicing system.
  • Impact employs a paperless payroll and employee benefits system.
  • We use the Adobe PDF system for proofing, transmission of documents and artwork.
  • We are now using a web based system for the transmission of data and for image review.

We have challenged our suppliers to be proactive in their conservation efforts and to be environmentally friendly in every aspect of their business. Some highlights are:

  • Our printing partners are ISO 14001 certified, which means that they have met the international quality standards of demonstrating and implementing an effective environmental management standard and are considered an Environment Oriented Factory.
  • Our printing partners have special machinery used for the reclamation and recycling of paper and also machines used to catch and reuse solvents released in the air during production which helps to reduce air pollution.
  • All of our boxes used in the packaging of our products are made from recycled paper.
  • Many of our products are printed using soy-based inks or water based coatings which are less harmful to the environment. **
  • Our products are printed using a variety of paper containing various amounts of pre and post consumer waste as well as being printed on recycled paper. **
  • Defective ceramic products go through a special process where they can be recycled and used again.

** A specific list of products printed using soy-based inks, water based coatings, pre / post-consumer waste amounts or recycled paper is available in a paperless format (PDF) upon your request.